Thematic electronic scientific online journal NCFSCHVW

Fruit growing
and viticulture of South Russia

The journal accepts  materials for publication on topical issues of agricultural science and practice. Priority directions are:

  • Genetic methods of construction and accelerating creation of new genotypes of fruit, berry, nut crops and grapes with specified economically valuable traits;
  • physiological and biochemical methods to improve of fruit plants and grapes adaptive capacity and productivity;
  • methods of Express-diagnostics of plants, virus and Mycoplasma disease
  • quality management, environmental and product safety;
  • agro-ecological zoning of the territories of the South of Russia ;
  • biologization production (processes, methods, tools);
  • monitoring and software methods of production process management of fruit crops and grapes;
  • construction of functional foods based on product processing of horticulture and viticulture;
  • development of modern technologies production of different types of wines and modernization of their production processes;
  • organizational and economic bases of conducting horticulture and viticulture.

Sending the manuscript to the journal suggests that the results contained in it have not been published previously, except in the form of abstracts or short messages.

Manuscripts are reviewed and considered by the Editorial Board. The article can be sent to the authors for revision or rejected both formal and on scientific grounds. The selection criteria are compliance with the profile of the journal, novelty, the relevance and validity of the results. The authors report about decision of Editorial Board. Manuscripts will not be returned to authors.

Materials of scientific conferences are accepted for publication on representation of the Organizational Committee of the conference. Procedure of reviewing of manuscripts is determined by a special agreement between the Editorial Board and the organizing committee.

We accept the articles written in Russian or English.

Article authors, who do not have a scientific degree, be accepted for consideration in the presence of the attached recommendations of doctor of sciences in the relevant specialty. The surname of the reviewer who recommended the article, indicated in the publication of the article. Articles accepted for publication are edited. Edit that goes beyond the purely grammatical, consistent with the authors.

All authors are guaranteed the right to reprint their own material in any publications with link to the original publication in a scientific journal "Fruit growing and viticulture of the South of Russia".