Thematic electronic scientific online journal NCFSCHVW

Fruit growing
and viticulture of South Russia

Journal is public, access is free for users. Publication of manuscripts for scientists, postgraduates and applicants is free of charge. Thanks to the Internet articles published in our journal, available to readers from the date of publication not only in Russia but also abroad.

Publication in the journal is printed work. The results fundamental priority applied research, applied research, new methods of research, scientific development and practical advice on improving production technologies of fruit, berry, nut and grapes, also their products of processed are considered in published materials.

The journal includes the following sections:

Genetic Resources, Cultivar, selection;

  • Resource potential of the agricultural territories;
  • Breeding and production of planting material;
  • Physiology and biochemistry of plants;
  • General agrotechnics (systems, technology);
  • Construction of plantings, forming of crown;
  • Mineral nutrition of plants;
  • Management of soil fertility;
  • Manage of water regime;
  • Quality Management;
  • Phytosanitary condition of plants;
  • Manage environmental and food safety;
  • Storage of fruits and berries production and grapes;
  • Processing of fruit and berries production and grapes;
  • Economy of fruit growing and viticulture;
  • Decorative shapes of garden rocks and grapes in the landscape construction;
  • Publishing of young scientists and postgraduates.

The journal informs readers about the ongoing specialized scientific conferences and scientific seminars.

Soon, we hope that information about our electronic journal will appear on the official site of the HAC of the Russian Federation in the list of electronic journals, publications in which, according to the point 11 of the regulation about the order of award of scientific degrees, are taken into account when defending candidate and doctoral theses.

The founder of this journal is the State Scientific Organization North Caucasian Regional Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

On behalf of edition I hope for Your support and productive cooperation.