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Fruit growing
and viticulture of South Russia

Requirements to registration of articles

Article title and summary are written in the form of a table of two columns of equal width with invisible borders, font Times New Roman, size 12 PT, without indentation, with left alignment in Russian (left) and in English (on the right) languages and includes:

  • the index of the Universal decimal classification (UDC) in capital letters with the bold font;
  • the name of the article in capital letters, bold font, point at the end of the title of the article is not put;
  • surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree and academic rank of the authors in the nominative case in normal font, for example: Vorobyeva Tatyana Nikolaevna, Dr. Sci. Agr. or Ivanova Tatyana Petrovna, Cand. Biol.Sci.;
  • place of work, city, country in italics, for example: FSBSI North Caucasian Regional Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture, Krasnodar, Russia;
  • annotation up to 500 characters, which is a brief description of the article (Studied.... Shown (Established)...) in normal font;
  • key words - important words or phrases from the text of the original document required for automated search (not more than 7) in capital letters, for example: Key words: GRAPE, AMPELOCENOSIS, ENVIRONMENT, GENOTYPE, BREEDING.

All elements of the title page sets out on a separate line and are separated from each other by a blank line.

The English version of the title page should have a high professional level of translation. In the event of inaccurate translation of the article will not be accepted for publication.

The article should be presented in Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman Cyr, size 14, 1,5 spacing on A4 paper (210 x 297 mm). The editor of formulas Microsoft Equation Editor. All margins - 25 mm with a paragraph indent 1,25 cm Numbered at the bottom center of the page. On the first page number of page is not put. Recommended amount of articles up to 20 pages, including bibliography.

The structure of the article (divided into the following sections)

An introduction in which the expediency of conducting this study describes the current status of the issue and formulated the purpose of work;

Objects and methods of research (links to a standard methodology and description of original methods, specifies the methods of statistical processing and computer programs);

Discussion of the results;


Bibliography (font Times New Roman Cyr, size 12, 1 interval).

Orthography and grammar. While typing the article in Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 (recommended - 2003) is obligatory compliance with orthographic and grammatical rules adopted in the Russian language, and also the requirements of GOST for text documents:

  • when transferring the initials are not separated from surname;
  • when transferring abbreviated expressions (etc.) are not separated;
  • numbers and letters with a bracket (or point) from the following words and signs and marking followed digits are not separated.

3. Registration numbered and bulleted lists.

A marker in the lists of allowed only a dash (dash): "–", which is typed by simultaneously pressing the keys: Ctrl+"-" on the numeric keypad. EN dash is used only inside the words: someone, anyone, etc. and as a bullet lists its use is not allowed.

Rows in a list, separated by a dash begin with small letter, and at the end of each line is preceded by a semicolon ";".

4. Registration and numbering of figures, diagrams and flowcharts

All illustrations (pictures, charts, drawings etc) are named to as figures. The figures are numbered consecutively throughout the article in Arabic numerals.

When you reference a drawing, you must specify its full number, for example: "Fig. 2.". Repeated references to the figure is given with reduced the word "look", for example: "see Fig. 2". If only one picture, then it has no number.

Under a figure after words: "2." is the name of the picture. A caption title and the word "Figure" and its number should not be placed in the figure (in the graphic). A caption title is written in the same font as the main text, compulsory followed by a blank line.

Drawings should be placed immediately after the references in the text, or, if they do not fit immediately after the references, for example, at the end of the page, immediately on the next page.

5. Registration and numbering of tables

Digital material, placed in the article, it is recommend to do (make) in the form of tables. Tables are numbered sequentially within all work Arabic numerals. Each table must have a descriptive title. The title is placed behind the word "table" above the table.

The headings of columns in the table must begin with capital letters. To share the titles of the tables on the diagonal is not allowed. The height of the rows should be not less than 8 mm Column "No. p/p in the table can not be enabled.

In fields of tables indentation is not done.

In tables could be different size and type of font (for example, 12), and line spacing (single) than in the main text.

The table should be placed after the first mention of it in the text or immediately on the next page, if it does not fit in the bottom of the page. In this case, an empty space at the end of the page is populated with the text that follows the table.

If the table is large and does not fit on one page, you can share a table into several parts on the pages.  In this case, in the beginning of the table is written its name, and later repeated horizontal header over it with the right alignment is written: "the continuation of the table. 3".  If the horizontal header of the table is cumbersome, you may not to repeat, but simply to enumerate graphs on the first page of the table and repeat their numbering on the following pages.

If necessary, you can place a table on album sheets, but in this case it is desirable to make it in the application, and in the end of the article.

When you reference a table, you specify its number, for example: "table. 12". Repeated references to the table presented in the form: "see table. 12". If only one table, it is not numbered and the word "table" is not written.

6. Registration and numbering of formulas

All formulas in the article need to be performed using the equation editor MS Word using the style adopted by default. In deciphering symbols of the formulas corresponding notation, the variable with index, etc. in the text also necessarily performed using the equation editor.

7. Registration of bibliography

The bibliography used in the article is obligatory. To all those in the bibliography sources should be cited in the text. In bibliography, the authors and sources are as mentioned in the text. Examples of bibliography registration are made in accordance with the current GOST 7.1-2003 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description (General requirements and rules of compilation)"