Thematic electronic scientific online journal NCFSCHVW

Fruit growing
and viticulture of South Russia

Submission of manuscripts

Submitted for publication of materials processed in accordance with Submitted for publication materials are issued in accordance with the Requirements for registration of articles and presented to the Editorial Board (Deputy Chief Editor or the Responsible Secretary) in printed and electronic form (CD or DVD). A printed copy of the article is signed by the author.

Supporting documents include:

1. License contract (in 2 copies). In accordance with the new requirements of the higher attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, publications included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals, which should be published the basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of doctor and candidate of Sciences, included in the system SEL (Scientific electronic library). The legislation of the Russian Federation in this case provides for binding contract between the publisher (the Licensee) and the author (the Licensor) to use the published materials.
2. Information about the authors.
3. Review of the submitted materials, certified by the official stamp.
A specialist, who have a doctorate degree in the relevant specialty should be a reviewer.

Publication of manuscripts for scientists, postgraduates, and applicants on a gratuitous basis.

Editorial office address: 350901, 39 str. 40 Let Pobedy, Krasnodar, Russian Federation.

Reviewing of submitted materials

Manuscripts submitted to the journal is considered by Editorial Board and tested for compliance materials with requirements specified on the website of journal.

The evaluation criteria are compliance with the profile of the journal, actuality and novelty of the research, consistency, and accuracy of the statement of the text, the validity of conclusions, references to the literature and other information sources.

Articles that do not meet the specified requirements can be sent to the authors for revision or rejected both formal and on scientific grounds.

The authors report about decision of Editorial Board, manuscripts will not be returned to authors.