Fruit growing
and viticulture of South Russia

Message from the chief editor

We invite you to participate in a thematic electronic scientific online journal "Fruit growing and viticulture of South Russia".

This journal is informational tool of operative publication of research results of scientists and specialists to address urgent problems of fruit and wine-making subcomplex of the Russian agricultural sector.

Guide for authors

The journal accepts  materials for publication on topical issues of agricultural science and practice. Priority directions are:

  • Genetic methods of construction and accelerating creation of new genotypes of fruit, berry, nut crops and grapes with specified economically valuable traits;
  • physiological and biochemical methods to improve of fruit plants and grapes adaptive capacity and productivity;
  • methods of Express-diagnostics of plants, virus and Mycoplasma disease
  • quality management, environmental and product safety;
  • agro-ecological zoning of the territories of the South of Russia ;
  • biologization production (processes, methods, tools);
  • monitoring and software methods of production process management of fruit crops and grapes;
  • construction of functional foods based on product processing of horticulture and viticulture;
  • development of modern technologies production of different types of wines and modernization of their production processes;
  • organizational and economic bases of conducting horticulture and viticulture.


Thematic electronic scientific online journal NCFSCHVW

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